September 2015

15th – Senior Meeting, 2nd & 4th periods in library

17th – Junior & Sophomore Meeting, 2nd & 4th Periods in library

22nd-Freshmen & Sophomore Meeting 2nd & 4th Periods in MHS library

PSAT – Every junior and sophomore should register

28th-Mock Trial begins in Room A210


October 2015

6th – Academic Team lunches begin

3rd-SAT Test

14th -PSAT Test

19th - Registration and deposit for Model Congress

19th - Fact Sheet for Model Congress

22st-University of Sciences Campus Tour and Admission Talk

24th - ACT Test


November 2015

12th-Rutgers University Field Trip

17th - Model Congress Typewritten Rough Draft of Bill Due

21st - Millville/Vineland Academic Bowl


December 2015

2nd-German Christmas Market Trip

4th – Final Typewritten Legislation is due

4th – Final Payment for Model Congress due

11th - Model Congress Party Platform Day (NJ State Annex)

14h – Final Typewritten Congressional Narratives due

16th-Mind Mash Competition – Orange Cafeteria

17th & 18th – Performance Plus Workshops at Wheaton Arts

January 2016

4th – Rough Copy of Gold Congressional Record Books are due
22nd - Final Gold Record Books due

29th - Rough Copy of Silver Congressional Record Books are due 

February 2016

1st - NJ Envirothon Meetings Begin

1st  Rough Draft of Bronze Congressional Award Record Books are due 

8th– Final Silver Congressional Record Books are due

10th-Egg Harbor Academic Competition

 16th - Final Bronze Congressional Record Books are due

22nd – NJ Envirothon Meetings begin – Room A210

25th - Oakcrest Academic Competition

26th-Model Congress Leadership Day – NJ State House


March 2016

5th-8th – Senior Class Trip

16th-Atlantic City Academic Competition

March 17th & 18th - Model Congress 2-day/overnight trip

25th-31st - Spring Break


April 2016

TBA – NJ Envirothon Workshop


May 2016

14th – NJ Envirothon Competition

AP Exams


June 2016

June 2 -Congressional Award Ceremony